An enterprise application for the civil and risk management of infrastructure assets in the utility industry.
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Guardian enables utility companies to manage information related to key civil asset management business processes and also to create, integrate and structure a wide array of information sources, to achieve an enhanced and timely understanding of risks to their assets. Guardian also enables management to make best informed decisions on which infrastructure to conduct maintenance work on and which to invest in, in order to maximise the lifetime of the asset.

Key Features

  • Functionality for reporting of incidents across the asset base
  • Intuitive dashboards, reports and charting for rapid analysis
  • Prioritise and record infrastructure maintenance and enhancement work
  • Clear separation between application tiers, with possibility to run any application tier on cluster, providing horizontal and vertical scalability, load balancing and fault tolerance
  • Visualisation of geo data, including heat mapping
  • API integration with a variety of external data sources
  • Adaptable algorithm for the calculation of risk
  • Easy tools to manage updating of geo related information
  • A set of predefined reports and a new generation module
  • Support of Business Process Management with integrated visual designer
  • A system for controlling user access rights, based on roles and attributes
  • Full text search and configurable filters
  • Comprehensive storage of all user interactions with data and tools for easy point-in time data recovery
  • Proven Enterprise Software, offering bespoke functionality development

Utility companies are challenged by the need to maximise the effective lifetime of their civil assets. Commonly, utility companies have many thousands of assets, which are widely geographically distributed, with numerous differing characteristics. There is a minimum obligation to meet legal and safety obligations and a commercial requirement to make the most insightful decisions on investment in civil asset work, whilst also ensuring that the physical security of assets is maintained.

Guardian takes a unique quantitative, data driven approach to helping utility companies understand and manage the nature of risks and civil asset management requirements across the entire asset base, down to individual assets. Numerous sources of internal and external data are integrated and constantly updated to achieve this. Sophisticated reporting and analytical tools enable utility company staff to evaluate activity trends and be fully pro-active to the challenge of managing thousands of assets. A digitised business process mechanism for the conduct of civil asset work allows a mature understanding of costs of work, through to the actual delivery and assessment of the effectiveness of extending the lifetime of the asset.

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Examples of data sources include

  • Ordnance Survey Data
  • Local Authority Data
  • UK Government Department of Environment Licensed Scrap Dealers Database
  • London Metal Exchange Spot Metal Prices
  • Twitter and selected News feeds
  • Multiple Indices of Deprivation
  • Home Office Crime Reporting Data
  • Internal Utility Company Data
  • Data from sub-contractors to utility companies
  • UK Meteorological Weather Station Data
  • Department for Communities and Local Government Data
  • Local Police Force Data


Maximising the value for money of enhancement work across the asset base to extend the lifetime of assets
Reduction in the number of incidents and customer intterruptions, enabling true pro-active prioritisation of civil asset investment
Identified by Cognizant as a highly innovative application for the Utility Sector
Dynamic management of risk to individual assets
Applicability across all enterprises managing a large scale asset base which is widely geographically distributed
Finalist in 2015 UK Energy Innovation Centre Awards for "Best Innovation in Asset Management"
Electricity North West
Energy Innovation Centre


An enterprise application for the civil and risk management of infrastructure assets in the utility industry.


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